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Unlocking the Value in Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a common practice in the transport industry designed to ensure a high standard of service to customers. For many, however, it’s an onerous process for an already overloaded operational team.  A simpler process can be easily achieved which will not only help reduce penalties but can add real value by improving performance.     

An Administrative Burden

While we all understand the purpose of mystery shopping, the process itself can be a time consuming administrative burden.   If done manually, the process of analysing mystery shopping lists to identify compliant and non-compliant items requires time and patience. Data is often provided in spreadsheets and not easy to sift through. The longer it takes, the higher the penalties so it is in everyone’s interests to make the process more efficient.  

An Easier way of Doing Things

Transit9 simplifies the process of analysing this information using automation and workflows. Firstly, daily mystery shopper data from the Authority is automatically updated in the Transit9 software. Non-compliant and compliant incidents are separated with non-complaint incidents highlighted and then assigned to the relevant teams. Team members receive an email alert notifying them of a new work order with relevant details included.  The work order remains assigned to the relevant people who must update the work order to bring it to completion.  

Accountability & Visibility

This automation dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes before items are actioned and improves visibility and accountability.  Managers can instantly see the status of all work orders, while dashboards and flexible reporting ensure up to date information is always available.

Accurate Compliance Reporting

The Transit9 Mystery Shopping software also allows operations teams to query any non-compliant incidents with the Authority by using a simple email form that’s triggered through the software.   

Over time, the Operator can begin to analyse this data identifying trends and problem areas and can use these insights to proactively manage their performance.  


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