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Delivering Efficiencies with a Modern Back Office

Without the correct systems in place, it makes it difficult and time consuming for operators to have the correct, up-to-date information they need to understand how their business is performing. 

Transit9 was designed specifically to address these and other challenges.  It is easy to use, integrates with existing internal and external systems, automates many routine, manual processes and is cloud-based meaning that it can be accessed from anywhere using a mobile device or web browser. This results in huge efficiency gains, reduced costs and better business insights. 

Read on to see how else we can help you modernise your back-office operations and in turn deliver efficiencies for your operations.

Real-time Information at your fingertips

Our system is built to integrate with your internal and external systems including SCADA, safety, scheduling or maintenance. It brings all of your information together feeding automatically into reports and dashboards essentially giving you accurate, up-to-date information at the push of a button.

Improved Efficiencies

Events can be logged quickly and easily on the go using a mobile device.  Faults are then automatically created in the maintenance system where they are acted upon and flagged for follow up where appropriate. 

Better Decision Making

As user interfaces are intuitive and user friendly, and data entry is automated, it means that the data is more accurate and complete.  Overall, this helps reduce the amount of erroneous data in the system and enables better decision making.    

Increased Responsiveness  

Staff can alert operations to issues on the ground quickly and easily.   Relevant teams are notified automatically, and the data is fed through the system in real-time, enabling the correct response to be put in place quickly and efficiently.  

Simplified Reporting and Analysis 

Our system provides a bank of pre-built reports that enable users to filter, query and report on relevant data.  Dashboards are provided throughout for quick and easy access and new reports can be created in seconds.  

Easy to use Dashboards Provide Real-Time Insights

Streamlined Permit Management

Record and manage permits, activate or deactivate permits and create new permits quickly with our permit management system.  Instantly see the status of the entire network with our visual map.

Better Informed Staff

Our Handover Notes feature provides a complete and continuous history of handover notes from one colleague to another throughout the day.  As staff leave or come on duty, they can look up the handover notes from their colleagues which provides them with an additional layer of descriptive information. 

Reduced Anti-Social Behaviour

Our system allows the public to record anti-social events when and where they happen using either a mobile app, a QR code or an SMS message. The relevant team is notified, and remedial action can be swiftly taken.  All incidents can be analysed to see where hot spots are and proactive action taken.  

Anti-Social Behaviour Insights

Reduced Penalties

Attribution can be fully managed through the system. Relevant events can be flagged for attribution and queries are quickly resolved due to the accuracy of the information in the system. Reports can easily and quickly be shared with partners.  

Improved Depot Management

Manage the full end to end process of maintenance schedules for vehicles including stabling yard map view, live vehicle status counts and vehicle status and location.

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