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Expanding our Team of (Transport) Data Specialists

We are delighted to be expanding our team with the hiring of two new data specialists – Guillaume Tanton and Lara Butler- both experienced data analysts. Guillaume and Lara are a key part of what we do at Transit9 |Transport Operations, working with existing customers to help them unlock the value of their data and offer innovative and strategic advice.

Transport operators capture huge volumes of data, usually from multiple systems. For various reasons this data is often not organised in a way that enables it to be used. Transit9 simplifies this process for clients helping them to organise, analyse and understand their data more quickly so that they can make sound, evidence-based, strategic decisions.

The first stage of this process is understanding what data the client has, where it comes from and what “language” it is written in. In transport companies, we see high volumes of data coming from different sources such as excel sheets, safety systems, maintenance databases and so on. Transit9 is taking these disparate data sources and is organising these in such a way that they can talk to each other and can be analysed further.

Once the data sources are understood and organised, the next step is to work closely with the department heads within the business to understand what information they need to do their jobs. Together we help identify key performance indicators for each department that allow them to understand how they are performing and identify areas for improvement.

Ultimately, we create simple to use, relevant dashboards to enable managers to quickly see or report on their department and teams’ performance. Having this information allows companies to make strategic business decisions based on relevant information while also ensuring that operators meet their contractual obligations by providing timely performance reporting.

I hope you will join me in welcoming them to the world of transport operations and I look forward to keeping you up to date on their progress.

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