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The transport industry is ramping back up as people return to work and the demand for public transport increases. We’re still in the early stages as companies and employees figure out this new normal but if you’re reading the latest issue of Tramways & Urban Transit Magazine, you’ll know that 15 cities are preparing to launch new Light Rail Transport in 2022. So, while our buses, trams and railways have been quieter than normal, behind the scenes operators have taken this time to regroup, strategise, and get ready for the next phase.

The Pandemic has thrown up many challenges for the transport sector and this has led to much internal assessment. One challenge has been around how to engage a remote workforce. While this has always been a challenge for the transport sector where a large percentage of workers have always been remote, the Pandemic has intensified this. Operators have had to reduce or eliminate paper-based processes and replace them with digital, automated alternatives. We have worked closely with customers to help them digitise paper-based processes such as fitness for duty and covid compliance helping them overcome this challenge. We’ve also been working on some new technology to enable employee engagement and are rolling out a self-service module for a customer in the UK. More to follow later this year.

In addition to figuring out how to improve employee engagement and communication, clients have also taken this quieter time to look at maintenance and safety and the development of best practice in these areas. While there is plenty of data available, the challenge for many has been in analysing and interpreting this. We’ve been working with clients to help them understand this data and use it to optimise processes and introduce automation in key areas.

So, while it’s been a difficult time, the transport sector is facing up to the challenges of this new world which includes a hybrid work model, climate change and demands around energy consumption.

It is great to be involved at this interesting time in the industry’s development and we are looking forward to sharing lots of exciting projects over the coming months.

If you’d like to find out how we can help integrate and optimise your operations, safety or employee management, get in touch. We’d love to talk to you and show you how we can help

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