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Transdev Sydney Light Rail’s Operational Overhaul

Transdev Sydney Light Rail (SLR) engaged Transit9 (T9) to support a major operational overhaul as a result of expanded services on new light rail lines introduced in 2019. Part of a broader project to enhance the management of its operations, maintenance and safety, SLR sought to introduce a web-accessible and mobile-accessible event and permit management system.

SLR wanted to track operational events on two lines, as well as integrating a number of existing systems, while at the same time also enhancing internal and external stakeholder communication. T9 responded to the tender with a single integrated solution, and with experience of similar projects alongside a strong reference from Transdev Dublin and secured the contract.

A number of factors were key to the success of this project:


The Event Management System allows staff to easily keep track of any event, such as a fault, a delay, a reduction in service, or any safety incident. Via a simple, intuitive user interface, users can click into a detailed history to query any event in the system.


A partner portal was introduced to give SLR’s maintenance partner controlled access to relevant data. This speeds up decision-making and allows penalty issues to be resolved much more quickly.

Ease of use

A user-friendly mobile app allows operational staff to log events in real-time, meaning that data is entered and can be acted on quickly.


The T9 system integrates with SCADA, filtering and grouping relevant information. SCADA faults are automatically pushed to the maintenance system, allowing events to be created quickly and easily, and flagged for attribution where appropriate.

Simplified reporting and analysis

The T9 system gives SLR a complete history of relevant data which can be easily filtered, queried and reported on. This enables it to quickly attribute issues with operational delivery obligations.

With the T9 system in place, Transdev Sydney has a single unified platform which is able to grow along the business, making the sharing of real-time information with both staff and external partners simple, easy and auditable. Integration with other third-party applications such as SCADA enables staff to quickly and efficiently manage this growing network.

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Article featured in Tramways & Urban Transit September 2022 Edition.

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